Established in 2021

We are Finch,  

An independent  entrepreneur minded company serving Finnish SMEs in the field of logistics with a new mindset. Finch is owned by supply chain professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience in logistics and entrepreneurship. 

“Charles Darwin used finches to understand how species adapted to their environment from generation to generation. During his travels in Galápagos Islands, he discovered that finches evolved to the 15 recognized species of today, with different beak shapes, songs, behavior and sizes. 

They adapted and evolved to the changing conditions they fazed when the world around them changed.  

We wanted to found a company that will help our clients to adapt into the everchanging world of logistics. With nature, new technology and flexibility as our core values, we believe we can help our customers to make a difference” 

We look forward to working with you


We want to bring easily accessible logistics technology, nature focused logistics and flexible solutions to small and mid sized companies. 


Our vision is to be a tech based logistics company, offering solutions to SMEs doing things differently than traditional logistics companies.